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What if I didn’t do anything wrong?
What if it wasn’t my fault?
What if I didn’t know any better?
Maybe I was too young to know I wasn’t the problem.

What if I could learn from this story?
What if I could be there for my younger self?
What if I found some compassion for myself now?
Maybe I am enough.

What if I wrote a new story?
What if I could bring more love to this story?
What if I start today?
Because I am enough.

For myself, and I’d say every client, what’s holding us back today is generally connected to something in our past. And more often than not, we were too young to know it wasn’t our fault. Discovering this connection is significant as it allows understanding and self-compassion to seep in.

And this new perspective softens everything.

Are you ready to write your new story, one with more love and compassion for yourself?

Because it starts with you.

If you’d like some gentle support in your corner as you find your new story, get in touch.

xo Justine ?

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