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Book your EFT Tapping session

(My aim is for you to feel better, not worse, so I’m not going to list all the reasons you feel bad. You’ll know if this is right for you!)

Are you tired of faking it till you make it? With EFT Tapping you can simply make it with confidence, clarity and calm.

When you release the muck, those unexpressed emotions stuck in your body, on the other side is your innate self worth, ease and joy. As an Accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner, I support you in regulating your nervous system so you find your other side, your better way.

Your body holds infinite wisdom. You’re not broken. You don’t need fixing.
It’s time to reconnect and find the answers within.

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EFT Tapping is safe, gentle, effective and empowering.

This is for you if you are:
* ready to get out of your own way

* committed to your self development
* yearning for long lasting change
* wanting to feel more clarity and vitality, more confidence, ease and joy
* ready to step into all that you are

In our sessions together, we’ll firstly discuss what you’d like to achieve through Tapping. This isn’t talk therapy so we’ll then spend most of the time in our sessions tapping. I’ll gently guide you through the process, tapping with you, and you’ll also be guiding me by providing feedback on the words we use to make sure they are right for you.

I’ve been working with Justine for a couple of months. I’m usually a strong minded individual but hey, life throws us lemons sometimes and we need some support. In contrast to counselling, Tapping literally removes the negative feelings we hold around a topic – it works like magic! I’ve felt so much more positive and light in the mind after each session. It’s been such a great support and I would recommend it to anyone.
Justine has a calm and gentle presence and creates the space for authentic expression without any judgement.
Thank you Justine- you are a life saver!
” Tessa C.

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  • If you are a new client, please book a free 20 minute call to see if this is a fit for you prior to making a purchase. For international clients, this will be done by Zoom.
  • All sessions are 75 – 90 minutes to ensure a comfortable environment without rushing. Please get in touch if you cannot find a suitable time.
  • Packages ensure issues are dealt with safely and gently, with the effects building and deepening session by session. We all carry trauma of some degree in our bodies. As an adult it could seem trivial, but for the child within, the trauma can still be raw. Committing to a Package allows for a safe and gentle pace, which is more likely to provide resolution of issues. Everyone is different in terms of how many sessions they will need.
  • Tapping sessions are conducted online by Zoom and you will receive a link when you book. EFT has always worked well online as the practitioner taps on herself to guide you, the client, as you tap on yourself. I have beautiful clients around Australia and internationally.
  • All prices are in Australian dollars.
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Complimentary Discovery Call

20 minutes
This free call gives you the opportunity to ask questions and see if EFT is right for you.

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Tapping Packages

Gift yourself some transformational Tapping time to feel lighter and brighter as you move from ‘I’m not enough’ to ‘I AM enough’.
Choosing more sessions allows for a deeper dive and so, deeper transformation.

Nurture Package
1 month
3 x 90 minute sessions @ $585

Connection Package
3 months
9 x 90 minute sessions @ $1665

For clients who have completed a package, individual sessions are available @ $210 for 90 minutes.

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Tapping Groups: Connect, tap & have a cuppa

Picture Tapping = Drawing + Tapping
Picture Tapping is a gentle way to access the subconscious and bring resolution to problems without discussion or analysis.
No experience or skill required – not even artistic ability!

More dates on the way!

Bring authentic confidence to your business
Make it without faking it & lead your business with confidence, clarity and calm.
3 x 90 minute online sessions via Zoom

More dates on the way

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