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Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


(And if EFT had been around then, he might have added, “and tap on them”!)

Hi! I’m Justine, an Accredited and trauma informed Advanced EFT Practitioner, and I would love to support you to re(connect) to your self worth.

I support leaders like you to create the life you yearn for. A life where you create more instead of settling for less, where you confidently step into all that you are, with nothing to prove, just knowing you’re worth it.

At the heart of my work are my deeply held beliefs that:
* your emotional health is the key to better living, personally and professionally
* you already have all the wisdom you need within you, and now need some gentle, non-judgemental support to help clear the muck so you can access your own insight
* you are capable of more than you know, and deep down you know this too.

Justine, EFT Tapping practitioner, Brisbane, North Brisbane, online

Justine was calm, non-judgmental and very knowledgeable. I was able to open up quickly and start to notice results. I moved emotions and things holding me back (some traumas I didn’t even realise were still there) very quickly. I’ve now been able to move forward in my life with more confidence, doing what I feel passionate about.” Ashlee S.

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Years ago, I read a book that changed my life. It asked a question about childhood that had me in tears. I can’t remember that life changing question now but I do remember feeling so much relief afterwards, like a huge emotional load had been lifted. (Quite shy growing up, I had a whole lot of emotions and insecurities that I’d kept inside just waiting for that moment!) The lightness I now felt had me playing detective to work out what else I needed to cry about!

And then I heard about this weird tapping therapy. It was strange, but I was curious. Soon after, a beautiful and trusted friend told me about a local Tapping Circle so I went along keen to learn more.

Safe and gentle, Tapping worked a treat to get the supressed emotional energy flowing. I realised that the key to better living is not just understanding why you think, feel and behave as you do, but letting go of the fears, doubts and stress at a somatic level, from your body.

And this brought so much clarity, ease and joy into my life. Why? Because I finally started to know my self worth and feel confident about myself and life. And EFT is the modality I always come back to because it is evidence based, safe and gentle, and effective.

This led to doing my first EFT training in 2014 and now, after years of tapping, learning and getting my own ‘stuff’ out of the way, I’d love to help you find your self worth, and the clarity, ease and joy that goes with it. A winning trifecta, wouldn’t you say?!

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As an Accredited Advanced EFT practitioner, EFT trauma trained and with qualifications in counselling and adult education, I bring 30 years of experience helping people achieve their goals to now supporting you.

So, what do you yearn for? Something different, something more, something better?
If you need someone in your corner to compassionately guide you back to your self worth, I’d love to support you!

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Always curious about human behaviour, I love learning, reading, and always Tapping. I value courage and authenticity, integrity and kindness, and always simplicity. I love being in nature, pink flowers, hot chips and chocolate brownies (and yes, that does make a meal), big chats, beach walks, and swims, markets, street art, indoor plants (and outdoor ones!), travelling, live music, dancing, and doing it all with good people who also want to ditch the crap for more clarity, ease and joy.

Always learning, in life and more formally …

  • EFT trainings: EFTi Levels 1 to 3, Tapping out of Trauma, Matrix Reimprinting, Picture Tapping
  • Other good ones: Diploma of Counselling, Mental Health First Aid, Reiki Levels 1 & 2, Psych-K, Yoga teacher training, Certificate IV Colour & Design
  • More formal good ones: Master of Education (Leadership & counselling), Graduate Diploma TESOL, Bachelor of Commerce, Certificate IV TAE

Passionate about education, The Tapping Connection happily supports Room to Read, a global non-profit organisation working to improve literacy and gender equality in education.

These professional memberships require continuing professional development and mentoring every year, which ensures my skills and knowledge remain up to date to best serve you.

Accredited Advanced Practitioner, EFT International
Matrix Reimprinting practitioner
The Emotional Culture Deck Practitioner
Foundational Skills of Emotional Intelligence
Relational Skills of Emotional Intelligence

Client love…

“I have always been curious about how the mind works… so when the opportunity arose to undertake Tapping sessions with Justine I jumped at the chance… My first session was around some doubts I was having about an upcoming Ultra Trail Run and how I might be able to change my mindset so that I got maximum enjoyment from the event, which is physically and mentally challenging… The session was fun & insightful! Justine made me feel very comfortable in trusting her & the process of Tapping (which at first feels a bit weird). The run was one of the most demanding I have done, BUT I relished each moment… I was surprised by the magnitude of the outcome, especially for such little effort on my part. I have had another session regarding a more important mind shift on a personal matter, also resulting in a positive outcome, & will certainly do more sessions in the future.”
Marcia S.

“My experience with you and Tapping was transformational.”
Anna F.

“Before I started tapping with Justine I knew that there was something holding me back from moving forward in my life. It was like I wasn’t able to be heard by others, I was talking but no-one appeared to be listening to what I had to say. This really impacted my self-confidence in my relationship and with my work colleagues. I would not put myself out there and took the safe approach for fear of not being heard. My first session with Justine was so easy. Justine has this great way about her of making you feel comfortable and at ease. She gently guided me to find the answers that were stopping me and we tapped on some of these. After my first session I had some conflict with my partner but the best bit was that I was heard loud and clear. After three sessions with Justine, I am now not concerned about speaking up and feel that I have a lot of worthwhile things to say and people are listening. Whenever I need a boost I just tap on the spots that Justine showed me, it’s been life changing. Thank you so much Justine.”
Kerri F.