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Running wild along a beach. Booking an art class. Having quiet, uninterrupted time.

Maybe it’s standing up for yourself. Or, perhaps it’s a George Michael song.

Freedom. It means different things to different people. Whatever it means, I’d say it’s something everyone yearns for.

              Freedom: (n) the state of being able to do what you want, without anything stopping you (Oxford dictionary)

In the context of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, freedom comes in no longer being held hostage by your emotions, and being able to express your emotions responsibly.

Maybe you want to run wild along the beach, but you think you should be spending that time working on your business. Worry is stopping you from feeling the wind in your hair, your toes in the sand, and the water lapping at your feet.

Maybe you want to book an art class, but it feels too scary. Fear of making mistakes could be stopping you from learning a new skill, finding a new talent, having fun!

Maybe you just need some time for yourself, but you don’t dare say no to your family, friends or even your workplace. Guilt is stopping you from taking time for self-care, filling your cup, and re-energising. All things that would make you more loving, responsive and productive.  

Are stress and anxiety holding you back, whatever form they take?

You either won’t head to the beach or you’ll be on the beach with your body full of worry that you’re not working on that project, cooking a week’s worth of meals, or writing that blog post. You won’t really notice, or enjoy, the lapping waves, the swaying palms, and breeze on your face.

And what if the worry, fear or guilt is stemming from an earlier event that led you to believe you weren’t good enough? Not worthy of enjoying yourself, having time out, feeling free?

Then, you could be hostage to years of guilt that has stockpiled to stop you enjoying that moment on the beach, or the art class or the hour on the couch.

What if you could let go of the burden of fear, worry or whatever is holding you back?

Without the emotional hook holding you back, you might realise walking away from the computer for 15 minutes and having some fun is actually ok. And you’re worth it.

And then you get to the beach, the art class, the couch with a good book. And you enjoy it free of worry, fear and guilt. (Or an amount of worry more proportionate to the situation. Not 10 years worth.)

Now that’s freedom.

And that’s the Freedom in EFT.

Tapping works to release the hold of uncomfortable memories, limiting beliefs and emotional stress so you won’t be held hostage by your stockpile of emotions any longer.

You can respond rather react.

You can be present instead of rueing over the past or worrying about the future.

And you can feel free, even when you’re not on the beach!

If you’d like to experience that for yourself, book a free 20-minute call to see if Tapping is right for you. I’d love to support you.

xo Justine ?

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