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Connect to a better way of being

Connect to your true essence and feel good about yourself by replacing outdated learning with clarity and confidence, in a safe, gentle and empowering way.

Connect to others more authentically by dropping the ‘I’m not enough’ barriers so your relationships are stronger and more honest, personally and professionally.

Connect to life with more calm, ease and joy because Tapping regulates your nervous system and offers long-lasting results from the inside out.

Find the connection you’re craving with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), commonly known as Tapping.
Safe, gentle, effective and empowering, Tapping gets the stuck energy* flowing so you feel better in your body, clearer in your mind, and more joyful in life. (*often experienced as anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, aches and pains … you get the picture!)

Human bodies need to release stress, just like animals shake it off, but we tend to power on and that stress from unprocessed trauma and supressed emotions gets stored in our bodies for ‘a rainy day’. And sometimes it might feel like you’re in a monsoon… getting angry over minor issues, not sleeping well, getting sick, feeling anxious, feeling like you’re not enough, and on it goes.

Yearning for a better way?

You’re not broken and you don’t need fixing. Your body holds infinite wisdom. It’s time to reconnect and find the answers within.
Start tapping into the infinite wisdom of your body, literally!

Accredited EFT Practitioner in Australia - Justine Lawson

I offer supportive 90 minute sessions so you are not rushed, convenient online sessions so you are not sitting in more traffic, and flexibility with a variety of times available.

If you are ready for deep, long lasting change from the inside out, let’s tap!

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What clients say…

“I recently had a beautiful 1:1 session with Justine and it was a total game changer! I had been experiencing a period of debilitating anxiety, fear and as a result of all this stress, a few weeks of minimal sleep, restlessness and nights of complete insomnia… Justine has such a calming, nurturing nature about her that I felt so comfortable and held in her care… She was able to formulate a few core sentences and phrases that seemed to perfectly describe how I was feeling. After a few rounds of tapping, I started feeling better!
Fast forward to a few weeks later and I am still feeling lighter and released of the worries that were holding me back… If ever you have wanted to try Tapping but weren’t sure where to start, I highly recommend Justine.”
Ash H.

“EFT with Justine has helped me to identify and be open with negative thoughts, words and actions, then by reviewing and rewording them, understand and remove them from my present and future.”
Michael B.

“Before learning tapping with Justine, I felt trapped. I’ve tried meditation and self-hypnosis but tapping is different, perhaps it’s the physicality of the tapping that is the bridge between mind and body. Before a tapping session, I am normally feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, perhaps sad, lost, unmotivated. Then the tapping process makes me articulate the problem and my feelings. After tapping, I feel light, warm and focused, relaxed and motivated. I am most surprised that the tapping is so simple. Elegantly simple, but so effective. In a nutshell, tapping untangles me.”
Louise G.

“Thank you again for the wonderful tapping session – you have a gift!”
Simone S.

“I have been working with Justine since the beginning of her coaching. From the very first Tapping session she created a safe and open space where I could be totally myself, open up and be vulnerable. It is incredible how deep we are able to go with every session. Justine helped me with digging deep, facing and working through some of my deepest trauma. The energetic change after every session is incredible. I feel calm, clear and in peace.
I highly recommend working with Justine. She is amazing in holding the space for each and everyone.”
Trine P.