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Without any questioning, any doubts or fears, nature is happily doing its thing every day.

The squawking seagull next to the laughing kookaburra is not comparing it’s song. The flowering frangipani next to the towering pine is not trying to be taller and straighter. The sun and moon are working in harmony.

Nature just gets on with it. No effort, just a quiet knowing of what to do.

As part of this wonderous ecosystem, human bodies have the same knowing within. Your body knows what to do – removing toxins, digesting food, pumping blood, even that urge to stretch because your body has been still for too long. You don’t have to tell your body to breathe, digest or circulate blood. It just knows.

And what about that tight shoulder that started playing up when your relationship started to sour? Or the subtle signals of ‘yes’, feeling open and expansive; and ‘no’, closed and tight? Your body’s way of guiding you towards the right path.

Your body has magic within and it’s always letting you know what it needs, whether it’s a thirst indicating a need for water, a cringe as you face a food that once gave you food poisoning, or a tight chest as you walk into a space that just feels bad.

Are you listening to your body? Or is your humanness getting in the way of your human nature?

Perhaps your humanness thinks it knows better. Maybe you’ve been ignoring your body and suppressing your emotions for so long that you just don’t notice those subtle little signals anymore. Maybe you’ve been masking the signals for so long that you’ve forgotten the connection to your body even exists.

Is it time to reconnect to your body and the messages it is sending you?

Is it time to listen and trust those physiological nudges?

Time to trust your intuitive guide?

Of course, you don’t have to listen, or you might hear the message and choose to ignore it. But constantly suppressing your body’s signals takes effort. And when you are always fighting those nudges, the conflict within is exhausting.

Exhausting, and it’s tricky to be selective. Here comes joy, I’ll let that through. Oops, fear you’re not welcome so I’ll shut you down.

When you are suppressing your nudges, nothing is felt deeply, not even the good stuff.  

So, slowly but surely, start reconnecting to your body. Be still, silent, and simply notice. You might start with one minute, three minutes or 30 seconds. Three minutes today and thirty seconds tomorrow. One minute today and one minute next week.

Whatever you can, whenever you can, just start. Let your body be your friend.

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xo Justine ?

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